Hyderabad: An Epitome of India

  To be named the second best place to visit in the world by an international magazine last year is no joke; Hyderabad stands respectably strong in living up to that name. It can be called an epitome of India as it has a mixture of different communities living together harmoniously, like a little version of India as a whole. Also known as the “City of Pearls”, this city has a lot more to offer than just the fine pearls. Hyderabad has a rich heritage and history for which it has developed a unique identity and culture of its own. From the reign of the Nizams to the reign of Information Technology, this city has come a long way to earn the reputation of a tasteful mixture of true Hyderabadi culture blended with modern-day contemporary infrastructure. Once you set foot in this city, you will definitely feel the urge to explore it all; perhaps even call it a home.

The Geography:

Located in the southern part of India, Hyderabad is the capital of the state of Telangana. It is prominently located in the midst of the plateau region and well known for having the biggest heart in the world; quite literally, Hyderabad has a man-made lake in the middle of the city called Hussainsagar lake (or Tank Bund) while resembles the shape of a heart from satellite view. This lake has an enormous statue of Buddha situated within, which is a great crowd puller and a truly spectacular marvel.

The Main Attractions in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad has a rich and beautiful history to itself and it is showcased attractively throughout the city. The first monument that comes to mind when Hyderabad is mentioned is the “Charminar” meaning, “four minarets” and that is exactly how this monument looks like. Though it is closed for visitors to go inside, it still attracts many tourists for its grandeur. The Charminar is also the name of the place it is located in, and this area is well known for the jewelry sold in it.

The Golconda Fort is an attraction which competes with Charminar as it as popular as the former. Translating as “Shepherd’s Fort, the Golconda Fort overlooks the entire city and is known for its strategic engineering. It serves as a museum and consists of the tombs of the Qutub Shahi rulers and well known as the place where the “Kohinoor” diamond was found.

Another major institute of history in Hyderabad would be the SalarJung Museum, situated near the Musi River.

The museum has a collection of artifacts dated from the era of the Nizams which includes a decorated collection of jewelry, armor, weaponry, paintings, portraits, sculptures and the miscellaneous day to day items used by the royal family.

The visually appealing Chowmalla Palace is another similar attraction which used to be a place of residence for the Nizams. An addition of antique and vintage cars are showcased here, all owned by the royal family.

Coming to the modern side of Hyderabad, a new side of the city has rose to prominence, known as Cyberabad or “Hitech City”. This is where a number of BPOs and Multi National Companies take abode and provide thousands of jobs in the IT sector, boosting the economy of the state.


BIRYANI: The world famous biryani, the first word that comes out of any Hyderabadi’s mouth when the question about food comes up, is a thing to be mentioned on a bucket list of every person. Biryani can relish in its true form in many of the popular outlets all around the city.

FLAVORED DRINKS: Indian homes have their very own style of beating heat or enjoying winters with homely flavored drinks. From the conventional Nimbu paani (lemon water) to Sugarcane juice, coconut water to the world famous Lassi (made from Yoghurt) in a world of flavors like mango lassi, orange lassi, icecream lassi and more, jal jeera (a tangy drink), aap ka panna (a raw mango drink) and a line of sherbets in several flavors. Every street of an Indian state has its own drink to help you quench your thirst.

FAMOUS KULFI– A famous frozen dessert studded with nuts, sinfully rich, creamy and indulgent, Kulfi is one of the best inventions of all time in India. It is made from milk which is boiled continuously till it reduces to half its quantity and becomes rich and luxurious. It is usually flavored with cardamom and saffron and sweetened. Nuts and fruits can be added as per preference. The most famous and widely available kulfis are Kesar, Badam, Pista, Mango, Malai and combinations of these.

Parks and Recreation in Hyderabad:

Leaving aside the mainstream places to visit in Hyderabad, there are a handful of low key yet serene places to visit in the city. Hyderabad has many parks located all around, a few of the popular ones are the KBR National Park located in Jubilee Hills, Lumbini park, NTR, Sanjeevaiah, Yogi Bear, Indira; all situated in and around the Tank Bund area. Also, Hyderabad is known for having one of the oldest Cantonment bases in the country which is located in the Secunderabad area, also known as the newer part of Hyderabad. Resorts are another major business that populates the city as there are many well known resorts in and around it along with water parks such as “Jalvihar”, Ocean World and Mount Opera. Spread over 2000 acres of land, Ramoji Film City is an integration of film studios, it is one of the largest of its kind, something which the Indian film industry has relied upon since decades. It is a major, must visit tourist attraction.

Hyderabad does not lag behind when it comes to shopping and there is a dense population of malls and mall goers. Major brands and labels in the fashion industry have found a home in Hyderabad and many have originated from this city as well.

All in all, Hyderabad is a city in which one wouldn’t mind getting lost in. Known for its warm hearted hospitality, rich heritage and breath-taking attractions, it is a place to visit and leave in awe.