Now the tourists outnumber residents almost 3:1 at the summer months.

But despite this massive influx of tourists as well as also the unlimited information available about the nation online most people miss out on a few of the most unique areas in Iceland.

In this informative article, rather than bore you with locations everybody is talking about, we will explore a few of the finest’off-the-beaten-path’ and special places to go to Iceland.

It is visible from nearly everywhere in town however many vacationers never bother to see that brutality church on the mountain.

Constructed over a span of 41 years, it looks like the remarkable landscapes around Iceland

Does the bell tower supply an impressive sight across the expanse of Reykjavik however, the inside is striking on its own home a 15m tall concert manhood sporting 5275 pipes!

One of Iceland’s least visited areas is West Fjords and should not be.

Still, the vast majority of Iceland’s West Fjords are contested because of their remoteness and distance from additional”well-known must-see attractions”.

Maybe this helps to maintain the West Fjords as among Iceland’s most unique places to see.

Because of the relative absence of tourists passing through the region, its attractions remain undiscovered by the masses.

Even though the black-sand-beach Reynisfjara is known from the southwest, its own pink-sand cousin Rauðasandur is unknown.

The black-sand-beach Reynisfjara Is Essential visit in Iceland – Dave and I did not see the Pink sand shore of Rauðasandur

Each Tourist into Iceland understands Gullfoss waterfall but that one of them understands the considerably more striking Dynjandi?

In the West Fjords, you are going to discover lean fishing villages tucked into sheltered coves, grand sweeping perspectives, and landscapes that time (and tourists) have all but abandoned.

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Dynjandi, hidden from the West Fjords, is among the most stunning palaces in Iceland. Translated literally its title implies’thunderous’ and it does not disappoint!

This gargantuan waterfall is sensed until it is seen, and also an astonishing sight it is!

Contrary to other waterfalls across Iceland that generally fall down, Dynjandi is a cascading waterfall.

A brief 15minute increase from the parking lot after the river and a few smaller cascades will make you face to face with all the fury of Dynjandi.

Do not forget your Camera! Dynjandi is unquestionably among the most unique places to see in Iceland and you will need your photograph taken in front of it to get scale!

Another weird and lovely Icelandic tradition, this one dedicated to everything phallic.

You heard right… The Iceland Phallological Museum is the world’s greatest collection of phallic specimens; in actuality, they’ve specimens belonging to all of the various types of mammal found in the nation!

It is a bizarre, following lunch type of stop whilst drifting around Reykjavik. Understandably it isn’t for everybody, but if nothing else it makes for a fantastic story to tell if you go home, and special? Most certainly!

Nearly all Icelandic men and women think in all sorts of fanciful thoughts. By elves into witchcraft you’ll come across a neighborhood who will swear it is real.

Located in the smsmallleepy village of Hólmavík at Iceland’s West Fjords the macabre Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft is guaranteed to spark your creativity or make your skin creep.

I can not help but believe Silence of the Lambs when seeing the strangest thing from the memorial, a pair of pants made from human skin. This is unquestionably among the most unique places to go to in Iceland!

Most people to Iceland do not understand that the nation is being ripped in two. Sitting atop the mid-Atlantic ridge and crossing two distinct tectonic plates Iceland is increasing at the speed of approximately 25mm annually.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the Silfra Fissure at Thingvellir National Park.

Silfra fissure is the rift shaped from these mighty tectonic forces at work. This hundred-year-old glacial meltwater percolates through the porous lava stone feeding Thingvellir lake and leleadingo among its world-renown attributes, visibility.

Snorkelers and divers from throughout the globe flock to swim throughout the fissure, efficiently drifting in no-mans-land involving the lands!

Together with 100m+ visibility, you really feel like you’re flying, it is just the two °C water which snaps you back to reality. If you are searching for exceptional places to go to in Iceland Silfra is unquestionably one!

Continuing to perform Iceland’s stretching midsection, you can locate a different region of the evever growingift south-west of Reykjavik around the Repeninsula/p>

There is no diving or diving , instead a bridge crossing the considerably more visible gap.

Called the bridge between the cocontinents,t was assembled as a sign of the relationship & alliance enjoyed between Europe and North America.

Iceland is covered in glaciers, but many tourists pass them with just a photograph or even a faint memory for their credit score.

On Iceland’s south shore lays a true treasure.

A treasure where you are able to get close up and personal without just Iceland’s glaciers but the icebergs they create.

Jokulsarlon is a grand glacier lagoon on the shore only a couple hundred meters inland from the ocean.

Here while the seals tourists and play zip round on horseback excursions the icebergs nonchalantly bob along prior to being pumped out to watch and then washed up on the shores flanking the lagoon.

Not as off the beaten track because the remainder of those destinations, Jokulsarlon creates the record as it’s only unique.

While researching Jokulsarlon make certain to cross the street and see the gorgeous black sand shore.

It is renowned for its icebergs that wash up on shore as they earn their way from Jokulsarlon the river down into the Atlantic Ocean.

Hiding away off Iceland’s most important ring road is Fjadrargljufur canyon. It appeared here in comparative obscurity until thrust into the spotlight lately by Justin Beber along with his struck Music video for”I Will Show You”.

Fjadrargljufur is a richly manicured canyon jutting out of the rolling green hills nearby.

It’s easy to find out why!

Though it does not have the scale of this Grand Canyon or the thickness of Copper Canyon in Mexico its narrow breadth and sheer cliff walls ensure it is magnificent none the less.

Iceland’s oldest swimming pool maybe isn’t something which would typically attract tourists.

However, when you find a photograph of Seljavallalaug tucked into the hillside of a lush, mountain-ringed valley and also understand you may still swim in this geothermally fed swimming pool you also are going to want to shed your day’s plans and see!

A brief walk in the makeshift parking place beside a farm follows the river into an ever-narrowing valley before crossing the river in a couple of areas and bringing one to Seljavallalaug.

The water is warm but not too hot, and also the swimming pool makes for a fantastic mid-day break across the south shore!

Grjótagjá is among the very unique hot springs in Iceland and may seem familiar if you are a fan of the hit tv show Game of Thrones.

This lava cave hot spring looks in a season three episode because the setting for a much-anticipated love scene between the principal characters.

While bathing is not permitted (the water is too hot and somewhat acidic) venturing to and finding the cave includes a high recommendation from me!

If you truly do wish to dip into a popular spspring,he Myvatn character baths are only up the street and a fantastic way to round out a day of exploring Iceland!

Snæfellsjökull National Park is just another exceptional location in Iceland that has fewer people than it really deserves.

Formed in 2001 to safeguard the different landscapes and significant historic rerelics,t also provides the infrastructure which permits visitors to get this wild peninsula.

Here you may descend into and research the 8000-year-old lava tube in Vatnshellir Cave, grow in an extinct volcano in the Saxholl Crater and search for puffins across the rocky basalt cliffs of Londrangar.

The Snaefellsness peninsula and also Snæfellsjökull National Park are places worth adding to a Icelandic Itinerary!

Until lately Glymur was the greatest waterfall in Iceland. Only as a result of this fact you would expect it to be quite a frequent stop for visitors to the nation.

But, Its somewhat distant and entails a small hike, therefore, the tourists who do come through the region are very likely to bypass it.

Available only in summer time you will want to plan to get a three hour round trip.

Exotic waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is among the popular things to do in Iceland

When seeing Iceland there are lots of”must-see” sights, there is no arguing .

But getting off the tourist route and researching the less understood and more specific places to go to in Iceland is guaranteed to make you speechless.


  • The Blue Lagoon – Busy hot springs outside of Reykjavik
  • Lava Fields – the largest lava flow in the world located in the south of Iceland.
  • Vik Rock Formations – Sea stacks and caves on a black beach
  • Gullfoss Waterfall – Iceland’s most popular waterfall
  • Golden Circle Route – This is the popular ring road that circles around the country
  • Icelandic Horses – These horses are unique to Iceland and nothing compares to going for a ride and trying to Tolt on an Icelandic horse.