Gami Chicken—Australia’s Best Beer and Chicken Joint

Gami Chicken was a mere idea some 2 decades ago. It started as a popup suggestion as four friends were partying and taking beer in some joint in Australia. All the four friends weren’t loyal to the idea soon after they graduated. Only Jun Lee one of the friends the co-founder of Chain Gami the Korean chicken and beer joint rose up to the occasion in 2006 when he started a restaurant in Carnegie.  8 years later, they had all partnered and build an established business empire—the now Gami Chicken the largest fried chicken and beer joint all over Australia.

Many Years of Korean Cuisine Experience

Boasting of many years of Korean cuisine experience, Gami Chicken focuses on preparing perfected recipes of sautéed chicken and sauces. We are the perfect venue for friends and families looking to share an amazing experience eating delicious sautéed chicken and locally-brewed beer. Our chicken is flavored with frying powder got from different core ingredients and herbs.  The quality of the ingredients used in the preparation of the chicken and sauces is approved by RSPCA.  Visit one of our restaurants to have a taste of the most professionally prepared Gami Chicken that has balanced the richness, crunchiness, and moistness.

Great Range of Juices

You can choose to take a juice before, after, or while eating fried chicken in one of our restaurants. We offer a great range of Korean juices such as orange juice, green grape juice, and pear juice. We likewise offer tons of soft drinks like lime juice, sprite, diet coke, Mount Franklin spring water, Fanta and sparkling water. These aren’t the only juices we have in offer for you. We have always maintained a keen eye to the newest and bestselling drinks that enter the market on a daily basis.

Pocket-Friendly Rates

We have highly competent and client-friendly staff that aims to make your eat-out experience as amazing as possible. We offer a great range of takeaway dinner and lunch foods.  Most importantly, payment is only after the food and drinks have been delivered to your doorstep. We’re Australia’s top standing restaurant for sautéed chicken, beer, and soft drinks that deliver quality and affordable services. Our drinks and foods are sold at the most pocket-friendly rates ever. Visit us one of these days with your friends to have a taste of professionally prepared meals, locally-brewed beers, and best-sourced juices.

Looking to taste the most delicious fried chicken around Australia but not sure where to go? Gami Chicken and Beer is Australia’s top standing restaurant for locally-brewed beer, deliciously prepared sautéed chicken, and tons of amazing juices. The restaurant comes into existence 18 years ago and has since then been doing very well.  It started out as a small restaurant in Carnegie but has seen the opening of a total of 17 bigger and more innovative restaurants all over Australia. You can always visit one of these restaurants to have a taste of the best-sautéed chicken and world-class drinks. If you don’t feel like traveling all the way to the nearest joint, you can order for your drinks and meat online. For more details  visit here .