What Makes A Good Wine? Find Out Here!

If you have been drinking wine when you are eating at fancy restaurants, you will always hear terms like “good wines.” It is easy if you eat at a restaurant because a wine specialist or a sommelier can pick the perfect wine that would pair your meal. But if you are going to pick one for yourself, do you know how to determine a good wine? If you are not sure, then you have come to the right place.

What A “Good Wine” Is All About

So when you are looking for the best bottle of wine at Coonawarra wineries, here are the basics of “good wine” that you should take note of:

  • The acidity will give the wine its sour and tart taste. All wines are usually acidic, and most would range from 2.5 to 4.5 pH. Wines that have higher acidity will have a tart and crisper taste on your palate. Those with low-acidity will taste richer and rounder. They are smoother on the palate too.
  • Yes, wines have alcohol content. The more alcohol it has, the warmer it will taste in the back of your mouth and down your throat. The alcohol content in wines is measured by volume (ABV). Most wines have 11% to 13% alcohol content. But others range from 5.5% to as much as 20%.
  • Most wines are considered to have a ‘light body,’ ‘full body,’ or something in between. The term ‘body’ refers to how light or heavy it feels in your mouth. Red wines are naturally fuller compared to whites. Also, wines produced from grapes in warmer regions are fuller compared to the ones grown and produced in colder areas.
  • When looking at the bottle of wines online, you will notice that some are labeled as “sweet,” “semi-sweet,” or “dry.” The labels are self-explanatory. But when it comes to “dry wines,” expect that they will never be sweet or have a hint of sweetness.
  • Tannins are the phenolic compounds that can be found in the grape skins. When there is tannin, it will give the wine its bitter taste. Tannin dries out the mouth, which is why many confuse tannin levels with the dryness of the wine. But in reality, tannin refers to the sweetness or lack thereof. When producing red wine, tannins are mostly used to give it a distinctly bitter and dry taste.

When picking a wine for the dinner party that you are hosting, remember that each person has their preference when it comes to wines. What you like might not be something that others would prefer. Some like theirs to be sweeter while others want those on the bitter side. So when it comes to wines, make sure that you pick ones that everybody would enjoy. You can have red and white wines to give everyone a choice. Or you can choose a bottle of wine that falls in between when it comes to sweetness.