Benefits Of Moving To Burlington.

Moving to Burlington, Vermont, can be a hassle. Moving to Burlington, Vermont, is almost always a hassle. But in the end, it’s worth living in one of the most expensive places with some of the highest quality of life ratings. Check out this article on the must know advice and tips to living in Vermont.


The benefits of moving here are myriad, and they only get better as you get more familiar with living down South. Here are reasons you should move to Burlington ASAP if your dreams include paying $400k for a tiny house/tiny yard/tiny studio apartment complex on Lake Champlain.


The educational system is world-renowned for its rigor and high standards, even among international standards. The University of Vermont has been named the best public school in the country by US News and second in the world by Forbes. That’s right, folks. In the ENTIRE WORLD, We’re number two.


The health care system is second to none in the nation, and it’s the most cost-effective in the country for a reason: those who need healthcare most are afforded this access AND those who work at one of the many highly acclaimed hospitals are given a world-class education that keeps them rooted in Burlington.



There are countless hospitals dotting the cityscape, and it’s easy to use your health insurance here, even if you aren’t a Vermonter.


The economy is thriving with a healthy mix of big businesses and artisans. There are no chain restaurants in Burlington, and everyone wants to keep it that way. This economy has grown organically over time. The local businesses here have become tax-paying staple providers for the city institutions like UVM, Fletcher Allen Hospital, Vermont State Colleges, and Champlain College.


The pay here is generous. The average household income is over $60K, and only one percent of the population lives below the poverty line.


There’s no sales tax here unless you’re buying a car, at which point it’s 6%. A car here is a good idea because getting around the city and its outlying suburbs can take longer than expected, especially during rush hour. Most people who move to Burlington drive in some form, whether a car, motorcycle or bicycle. There are so many cyclists around town that it has earned the city an ingrained reputation for being incredibly eco-friendly and green.


The government-run utilities are among the best in the world. Sure, they’re expensive, but they’re a necessity, and if you want to live off the grid, there are still resources and systems to achieve this. The water quality is impressive; there’s more than enough to go around, and it’s spotless. The power grid is stable and efficient, with always-on backup generators that can kick in if there’s a problem with the primary grid.


You have access to all of these benefits through a good job here. Burlington is home to some of the largest employers in the area, like Fletcher Allen,, The University of Vermont Medical Center, Champlain College, and Kaleidoscope. It’s also home to many smaller businesses with an outsized impact on the city, like Switchback Brewery, Four Points Hospitality Group, and Seventh Generation.