All about Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most famous cities in United States. The first and foremost thing that comes to mind while thinking about this city is the cheese steaks. This is not only the famous city but this is also one among the famous cities in United States. Philadelphia has a rich history which can put the visitors into great excitement. It is also to be noted that this city has its darker part. The people who are visiting this city for the first time should be aware of these factors. Obviously understanding this city in better will help them to remain safe and secure throughout their travel. This article will help them to know about the important things of Philadelphia.


Many researchers say that Philadelphia is the start of US. That is this city is mentioned as the birth place of US. And obviously they also have the oldest municipality in US. During the American Revolution this place were used as the meeting spot for the Founding Fathers of US. Obviously during this revolution many other important events were also happened in Philadelphia. This is the reason why this is an important place which can be ignored in the history of US. Later in the 19th century this place turned to be the industrial center. After this the total population of the city got increased rapidly. This is because many people from various places migrated to this city. Especially more Italians and Germans migrated to their city for various reasons.


The people who want to know about the ancient architecture at its best can visit Philadelphia. This is because this city is full of ancient architecture with wide styles of buildings. Even though there are many ancient buildings in the city, the row house is supposed to have greater popularity and this is also the one which cannot be deleted from the history of Philadelphia. Overall it can be said that this place will provide the best feast for the researchers in the field of architecture.

Crime rate

Even though this city is more popular and has many interesting thing for the visitors, as mentioned above, it has some darkest side which cannot be ignored from the pages of history. This is a city which has more crime rate. Especially certain parts of this city were considered to be more dangerous as the crime rate in these places were extreme than they sound to be. People who want to visit Philadelphia should also know about the worst parts of the city. This will let them to have a safe and secure travel. And obviously they are also supposed to remain alert while spending time in this city.