9 Commons Mistakes Travelers Do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country with amazing landscape, pristine culture and leading tourism choices even during Covid-19 pandemics. This country has some strict traditional customs. Coupon.ae recommends the international tourists to see Etihad coupon code before finalizing travel arrangements. Also, focus on the common mistakes people make when they visit Costa Rica.

Name Calling:

As a new person in Costa Rica, you may find some words that are awkward in your culture. Spanish culture doesn’t mind calling a person Negro (Black), Gordito (Chubby) and Flaco (Skinny). These are common styles so don’t consider it insult.

Learning Costa Rican Language:

Are you learning Costa Rican language? This is good but you will not master it until mixing in the true culture. Your schoolteacher will not tell about common words people in Costa Rica use commonly. On the other hand, there could be different meanings of a same word in different contexts. Similarly, different words may represent a same meaning. For example, “Mate” is a word people use England but it is “Dude” in United States of America. Both words have same meaning.

Not Booking Hotels and Meals:

Never visit any foreign country without advance booking. Whether it is about hotel, cruise, meal or anything else, you must book these things before landing there. Coupon.ae presents an etihad coupon code to book all these things with great savings. For example, this coupon code is helpful to confirm flight seats and meals for family and friends.

Making Strange Hand Gestures:

Remember, things that are normal in your country may offend locals in Costa Rica. Never make strange hand gestures. For example, some foreigners show hand fists which is a sign of fight. Avoid this in order to find people friendly.

Being Shocked:

There are different situations in which local men will touch a woman (not as a sexual intention) but for help. For example, a local man may hold the elbow of your lady while she is getting off the taxi or bus. This is normal in Costa Rica but you should not tolerate if someone tries to cross the limits.

Dressing Too Light:

No doubt, you are heading to beautiful Costa Rican beaches but it would be good to pack some summer jackets and light dresses along with bikinis and shorts. This country has tropical climate. Local people don’t like foreigners walking in city in a bikini.

Never Tip Too Much:

Understand the local hotel and restaurant culture. They don’t like tipping. Therefore, managements always add 10% gratuity in the invoice. Never tip if you see it in the bill. This may bring unwanted attention.

Flaunting Wealth:

Due to varying levels of economies, some tourists enjoy the local systems. They become walking banks while spending too much money on shopping, dining and accommodation. Take special care in the bars and dance clubs.

Ignoring Last Minute Travel Deals:

Make sure that you are choosing affordable travel deals. Utilize Etihad coupon code after redeeming at coupon.ae. This is good to find affordable Costa Rica vacation deals and packages.